Andre Meyer

Electronic Engineer for Embedded Devices, Sensors and Imaging Systems.


My knowledge and experience have driven diverse projects.


As an electronic engineer applying the latest technologies and design methods, I love to develop new, groundbreaking and astonishing solutions satisfying both, technical and economical needs. The usability of the products stands beside their reliability and producibility in the first place.

I like to apply my knowledge in digital and analog circuits, computer architectures, sensors and modern design methods in interdisciplinary teams to find, together with algorithm and application specialists, the best suitable solution. My additional skills and experience in software development enable me to tightly connect my electronic knowledge with software concept to partition processing tasks to software and hardware components (hardware/software codesign) or to describe electronic systems in software (simulation).

My keen perception for system-wide and complex relations as well as my creative and solution-driven action helps me to efficiently solve daily challenges. I am not afraid to stand up for good solutions and to take on responsibility.

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